Hon. Chrystia Freeland

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Hon. Chrystia Freeland

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The University-Rosedale Youth Council



Natalka Bowley

Student, University of Toronto Schools

Natalka is interested and involved in affairs related to international relations and community involvement, seemingly inverse ideals which in fact have everything to do with one another. She is honoured to serve as Under-Secretary General of Finances of SOMA (Southern Ontario United Nations Association), as a founding member of her school’s Model Assembly and Foreign Relations Association, and as the lead executive of the Politician-Student Internship Initiative. Her most formative accomplishment, and the one which has given her the most insight into those issues which most affect multinational University—Rosedale was the honour of being chosen as youth delegate from Canada to the G20, and her most formative experience was the chance to spend a summer studying and volunteering in Ukraine at the Ukrainian Catholic University. As a member of the youth council, she hopes to be able to help the people of University—Rosedale interact with their governments and with the world in a more meaningful and personal way.


Zoe Johnson

Student, I.B. Monarch Park



Cameron Miranda-Radbord

Student, University of Toronto Schools

Cameron Miranda-Radbord has visited various Polynesian islands in pursuit of Trivia and Knowledge. He represented Canada in Hawaii at the International History Olympiad and New Zealand at the World Final of Kids Lit Quiz. He is currently the National Middle School History Bee Champion. In addition to his love of trivia, he is also an avid debater and MUN Delegate. He manages a small Non-Profit, Music Scarborough, that has raised hundreds of dollars for the Wishing Well Lions Club.



Madeleine Schmuckler

Student, University of Toronto Schools

When she’s not practicing the cello, studying for her next test, or learning yet another language, Madeleine can be found volunteering at Chrystia Freeland’s constituency office. Madeleine loves helping constituents with their problems and concerns, and staying on top of current events while responding to questions about policy. She enjoys youth council because she gets to work with other kids to make positive change in the community, and raise awareness about how youth can get involved in politics.


Sarina Wong

Student, University of Toronto Schools

Determined to prevent and fight injustices, Sarina has channeled her efforts in a multitude of ways to try to make the world a better place. Through her experience volunteering at the Honorable Chrystia Freeland’s office, she has learned about local community issues. In her attempts to assuage some of these problems, she has raised $5000 for the Children’s Aid Foundation and served, for her third year, as the Creative Coordinator for Project 5K, a student-created federally-registered non-profit organization to educate youth on how they can combat social issues through social media campaigns. Additionally, as a researcher in Youth-led Participatory Action Research, she has collaborated with UofT postdocs and professors to identify and research social issues, ultimately sharing their findings at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education Conference. Through two years at the student-run Inspire Teen Reads, she has also used social media to promote literacy.

Sarina believes not only in helping others, but also helping others help themselves. As first a school executive, then school President and now Provincial Executive of DECA Ontario, Canada’s largest youth business organization, Sarina has instigated multiple initiatives to lead and train 13,700 student members to become independent thinkers. Similarly, as a member of her school’s competitive Mock Trial team, she has also used the skills that has made her an internationally-ranked top-witness to teach others how to advocate for themselves and whatever they consider important. She hopes that through these efforts, she will be able to empower others to make changes helping to further societal progress.


Renee Jagdeo

Student, Branksome Hall

Renee is committed to creating quality content that motivates others to explore their own passions. As the friend who updates others on the worlds current, past and often future issues, Renee puts her love of world affairs to work as a dedicated member of her schools Model United Nations team. As the Head delegate for an upcoming conference and Head of Communications for another, she is excited to help mentor and prepare in the months to come. In 2016, Renee represented Canada at the Global Youth Ambassadors Summit held in Chicago. Along with 28 other international ambassadors, she discussed and presented ideas of advocacy, feminism and leadership to the deputy mayor of Chicago and UN Ambassadors, recommending ways in which federal government bodies could implement them. For her IB Personal Project Renee created a documentary focused on the topic of ‘How the Arts Impact Toronto Culture’, including interviews of accomplished Torontonians. With an evident love for Toronto and all it has to offer, Renee is proud to be a member of the University – Rosedale YCC and having the ability to contribute to her community through it.


Aman Aggarwal

2017 Graduate, University of Toronto Schools

Aman firmly believes that all people should be able to live a decent life and be treated equally. In grade 6, as an active member of the Social Justice Club, Aman helped organize a food drive to help the less fortunate. More recently he marched in the Pride Parade to stand in solidarity with the LGBT+ community. Aman realizes that systemic change can best occur through political action. Aman hopes that he can make a difference during his on the youth council. Aman is going into his first year at highschool. In his free time Aman enjoys playing with his younger brother, reading adventure books and playing the cello.